Lazarus writes: reading the Fourth Gospel in isolation

Lazarus writes: reading the Fourth Gospel in isolation Bruce G Charlton This is a c.35,000 word mini-book compiled and edited from posts at Bruce Charlton's Notions; if you wish to read the whole thing, it I would you to advise you to copy, paste and print-out a paper copy. Preface Since I became a Christian and engaged with the Bible as such, I have not been satisfied with the usual ways of reading and understanding the Bible. The Bible is divinely inspired and true; but, as a scientist, I have always known that 'true' does not mean without error, nor does it mean correct in every particular, nor does it mean fixed. Truth is the beginning of enquiry, not the end. In sum, I have felt compelled to develop a way of understanding the truth of the Bible that seems better than those I have encountered.  What I reject include the following: 1. Regarding the Bible as a single unified book which is all equally true and without 'error' - when error is defi